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Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy

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Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy - Journals

The Journal «Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy» – is peer reviewed scientific publication, has being published since 2006, (The Mass Media Registration Certificate of Published Issue № FC77-75814 dated May the 23-th 2019).
The international Standard Serial Number of this periodic publication is 1997-3225 (ISSN 1997-3225).
«Samara State Agrarian University» The Federal State Budget Higher Education Establishment is the journal founder.
The Journal «Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy» is included into the catalogue of peer reviewed scientific journals by the Higher Attestation Commission in which major research results from the dissertations of candidates of technical Sciences and doctor’s Science degrees are to be published (as of 22.05.2023 г. № 1241).
The Journal «Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy» is included into the system for Russian Science Citation Index, electronic versions of journal issues are provided in E-Library (www.elibrary.ru).
It was entered into the Agricultural International system (AGRIS).
Since 2016 all journal issues have been provided in availability on scientific journals portal Naukaru.ru.
The Journal «Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy» is a regular participant of regional and all-Russian contests.
Subscription index in the United catalog "Press of Russia" – 84460.
Journal editorial policy
Journal editorial policy is based on traditional Ethics principles, supporting scientific publication Ethics Code developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), and is built in regard to Ethics Conduct for Journal publishers, stipulated by the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines For Journal Editors.
The editors’ office retracts papers which have been published if Ethics violations detected according to the Committee on Publication Ethics requirements. The paper is retracted if:  
  • the publisher discovered incorrect information or data in the article based either on actions absolutely concerned (for example, data provided false intended) or errors not intended and resulted from failure of calculations or experiments;
  • conclusions incorporated in the article have been published prior to this issue by a different publisher and besides citation required,  licenses, and justifications for  the need of the publication secondly (i.e. overlapping somebody’s function!);
  • major incorrect borrowings have been detected;
  • data from the article published provides non ethic search;
  • аrticles retracted and citations derived are excluded from Russian Informational Scientific Center and not included and taken into the consideration of calculations.
In case the interpretation reoccurring discovered secondly the author’s paper will be rejected for consideration within 2 years and the head of the company employing this person will be notified.
The journal is intended for Researchers, Managers, Directors, Teachers, graduate students and undergraduates of universities, contributes to the improvement of training and certification, strengthening of scientific and pedagogical staff.
Scientific topics of the journal
The journal «Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy» is published for the purpose of coverage and dissemination of the latest achievements of science and technology in the field of agriculture. The journal presents publications of the main research results of the representatives of the teaching staff, postgraduates and undergraduates of agricultural and other universities, scientific organizations of the Russian Federation.
The journal accepts its own new, previously unpublished, main scientific results in the following scientific specialties and their corresponding branches of science, which are awarded academic degrees:
05.20.01 – technologies and means of mechanization of agriculture (technical Sciences),
05.20.03 – technologies and means of maintenance in agriculture (technical Sciences),
06.01.01 – general agriculture, crop production (agricultural Sciences),
06.01.04 – agricultural chemistry (agricultural science),
06.01.05 – selection and seed production of agricultural plants (agricultural, biological Sciences),
06.01.07 – plant protection (agricultural, biological Sciences),
06.02.01 – diagnostics of diseases and therapy of animals, pathology, Oncology and morphology of animals (veterinary, biological Sciences),
06.02.06 – veterinary obstetrics and Biotechnics of animal reproduction (veterinary, biological, agricultural Sciences),
06.02.07 – breeding, selection and genetics of farm animals (agricultural, biological Sciences),
06.02.08 – forage production, feeding of farm animals and technology of forages (agricultural, biological Sciences),
06.02.10 – private zootechnics, technology of output of animal products (agricultural, biological Sciences).
Review and publication of scientific articles
The journal «Bulletin Samara State Agricultural Academy» is peer-reviewed, all incoming materials are covered by the expert mark. All experts are highly qualified specialists in their field.
Articles should be formed in accordance with the requirements of the editorial Board, materials without their compliance are not accepted for consideration.
Editor Head
Mashkov Sergey Vladimirovich – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Marketing, Acting Rector of Samara State Agrarian University. 
Contact information:
Index 446442,
House 2,
Street Uchebnaya,
Ust-Kinelskiy urban village,
Samara region
Telephone: 8 939 754 04 86 (extra 608);
E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра..



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